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We want to express our deep gratitude to Margarita, the organizer of our beautiful journey. In Italy, it was not the first time, but I was lucky enough to turn to a professional.
Мария Кострова
Бухгалтер компании
"Шины и диски"
Отзыв №2
We express our gratitude to the company TUR.KG for the wonderful rest of our family in Prague.
In particular, we thank guide Maxim for his professionalism and attentive attitude. <br> Often traveling, but for the first time we met such a sympathetic guide. We were pleased with everything: sincere meeting, settlement, proposed excursion program, support during the rest. We ask the management of the company to note and encourage the work of Maxim.
Дмитрий Коновалов
Event-менеджер агентства "Праздник"
Отзыв №1
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